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Perfectionism & Overthinking

Are you the person who looks like they have it all together,
but is struggling on the inside?


Perfectionists and overthinkers are usually really intelligent, contentious, hard-workers, but they can sometimes get in their own way. You can spend so much time trying to make things just right that you forget the big picture, delay starting a task, or hold yourself back from new activities.

You may be a Perfectionist or
Overthinker if:
  • You are often described as a Type A Person

  • You pay close attention to detail

  • You always try to do things “the right way”

  • You are often in your head

  • You spend a lot of time thinking things through

  • You have a tendency to worry

How does this affect you, your work, and relationships?

  • You are self-critical and beat yourself up when you make a mistake

  • The desire to always do your best can lead to high stress and anxiety

  • You second guess yourself

  • Because you want to do everything perfectly, you may have difficulty completing tasks

  • You worry about how others perceive you and are constantly engaged in impression management

  • You struggle to make decisions

  • You hold yourself back from new experiences or opportunities due to fear of failure

  • High expectations may cause conflict in work and personal relationships

How can therapy help?

  • Increase comfort with uncertainty

  • Learn how to accept ‘good enough’

  • Learn how to prioritize and focus on what’s most important

  • Learn how to set realistic goals/expectations

  • Self-compassion

  • Learn strategies for managing stress

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